Free Sample Printable Donation Receipts Templates

A donation is something which is a kind of financial assistance either in the form of money or in the form of other things from one party to the other. This is a voluntary and a non-consideration act, which is done keeping in mind the only purpose of financial assistance.

Donations are also known by the name of charities and are the very common terms since ancient time. Although we live in a world where a flow of every transaction is based only in terms of the money, but yet in a donation, no such consideration flows from the parties rather only a helpful financial assistance is made by one to other.

Printable Donation Receipts Templates

It may be in the form of money, clothes, foods or other material movable or non-movable things even it may be the intangible assets such as an intellectual property.

Donations hold a very significant importance in any economy of a country since there are many public domain organizations, which serve the humanity or the mankind only on the basis of the act of donations.

These organizations are generally known as the Non Profit organization’s and through these organizations an helping hand is offered to those who need it, such as there are the organizations which offer the shelter and the education facilities to the orphan kids, or to the ones who are unable to afford these basic necessities of the life.

Other Non Profit organization’s which are operated only on the basis of the donation work in the public medical domain these organizations offer free medical services to the ones who need it, but can’t pay for it such as the blood offerings and the other medical aids.

Today in this article we are going to discuss the templates which are used by these donation-based organizations, and we would also provide you with some of such free templates print out to be used as the donation receipts.

Free Printable Donations Receipts Template

Printable Donations Receipts Template

It is not necessary that the donation can only be made to Non Profit organization rather a donation can be made to a profit-oriented organization as well. Any person can make a donation to any such organization whom the person might think is working well, in the public domain such as the hospitals, education institutions or others such public domain working institutions.

People who want to make a donation although don’t do it for their publicity, or any such publicity stunt, however, it is the responsibility of every such organization’s or the institutions which are receiving any amount or in any other form of donation. These organizations have to issue a receipt of such donations, to the person who is making the donation.

The donation receipts work as a proof of authenticity, in case if there arises such conflict of revenue generation by the organizations or the institution in the terms of donations.

If you are seeking such printable donation receipts templates, then here we are providing you with the multiples types of donation receipts templates. All these templates are available at free of cost and can be easily printed by pressing the CONTROL+P keys together.

Non Profit Donation Receipts Template

Non Profit Donation Receipts

A Non Profit organization is the one which works solely in the public domain, to serve the humanity and the mankind purpose or in other words. Non Profit organizations are established with a purpose in mind, to serve all those needy people who lack the basic necessities of life such as food, medical aids, housing or educational necessities.

The source of income for these Non-Profit Organizations is solely the donations that are made by the general public or the government in itself.

While receiving the donation by these Non Profit organization it is must for them to issue a donation receipt to the person, from whom these Non Profit organizations are receiving the donation either in the terms of money or in other forms issuing of donation receipts is their duty and the liability as well.

Below we are providing you with the templates of those donation receipts, which can be used by you as issuing the donation receipts to all those people who make a donation to the organization.

All these donation receipts Template is available at free of cost just have a look over there, and download the one which suits your organization’s requirements.

Printable and Editable Donation Receipts Templates

Printable and Editable Donation Receipts

As we have already discussed the concept of the donation above, and as well as the fact that while receiving the donation from any person such person has to be issued with the donation receipts, by any organization or the institution which is receiving the donation either in the terms of money or in other forms.

Now let’s talk about the donation receipts since we are living in a generation where the things are done using the modern computer systems, hence everything has got already automated.

Now the receipts of everything are also issued using the computer systems but it should be kept in mind, that the receipts should be like which meet the norms of the donation receipts.

It should be included with all the relevant information that is necessary for donation receipts, and should also be easy to make changes in it or it should be editable so that if there arises any error or mistake such receipts can be edited easily.

This section of our article provides you with such donation receipts which are easily printable, and also can be edited with the right information in case of any error or mistakes using the Microsoft word and other system tools.

Have a look over our donation receipts templates, and download the one which suits your requirements and full-fills the norms of donation receipts.

Sample of Tax Deductible Donation Receipt Templates

Sample of Tax Deductible Donation Receipt

There is a variety of donations made to the organizations from the perspective of the person who is making such donation. Some of the donations are free of any tax to certain limits, while other donations are fully taxable for the person who is making these donations. Moreover, the receipts of such donations are also taxable in the hands of certain organizations, which are profit oriented organization.

In such cases, there are requirements of such donation receipts which can present all the particulars related to that donation which is subject to tax so that all the tax liability and the deduction can be put further before the income tax authorities.

Here in this section, we are providing you with the samples of those donation receipts templates which are subject to tax deductibility. You are recommended to have a look over these tax-deductible donation receipts templates, and then download any of these which full-fills your requirements. All the donation templates are available at free of cost.

Blank Donation Receipts Templates Word

Blank Donation Receipts Templates Word

We have discussed the concept of donation and as well as their importance while receiving the donation. While these receipts are issued using the computer systems and we know that Microsoft Word is the most used software in the creation of all legal, and the office professional documents. We are here providing you with the blank donation receipts templates.

These black receipts can be filed by you with the information that is relevant to your organization which accepts the donation from the general public, and after filling all those information you can issue these receipts to the person who is making donations. All these templates are available in the MS word format which is fully professional outlook and are available at free of cost.

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