How To Write a Press Release with Examples & Template

A press release is an effective method to make an official announcement about your existing or upcoming product or service launch. It is the shortest and the most effective method to keep your product or service in front in front of your audience and increase their curiosity about the product or service.

How To Write a Press Release For an Event

If you are considering to write a press release for your new product or service lunch, but don’t know how to write a professional one, then you don’t need to worry. Here we have provided some simple and effective steps which you can follow to write a professional press release.

Writing a Press Release in Simple Steps


  • Write a strong and to-the-point headline which can explain in brief about what your product or service is about.
  • While writing a press release, think from a journalist’s point of view. Keep the content crisp and to the point, but also including important details about what you want to convey to your audience.
  • Focus on the beginning and the ending of your statement. Remember this is what your audience would be looking at first while reading your press release. So keep your starting and ending line compelling and catchy.
  • The most important part of your press release would be to include appropriate keywords throughout the body of your press release. Include them at the beginning and in between the body of the press release.
  • Don’t try to think from the view of a salesperson and go overboard with marketing jargons and language in your content. Think about your audience what they would find useful.
  • At the end of your statement, do provide relevant company information and website links.
  • Also, you can provide name and contact information about the appropriate person whom your readers can reach out for further information.

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